Villa Bertelli

Villa Bertelli

Villa Bertelli is a villa built in 1869, located in the Vittoria Apuana hamlet of the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, in via Mazzini 200.

It was the headquarters of the Italian company for explosive products (SIPE). Initially there was a pier on the sea connected to the villa, used to ship the mines produced by the company abroad, but which was demolished in the 1930s.

At the end of the First World War the company faced a crisis due to the collapse in the demand for mines and had to close.


The headquarters in Forte dei Marmi was purchased in 1926 by Ilio Bertelli who converted it into a hotel with the name of Villa Bertelli.

The business closed in 1971, and remained in a state of neglect for many years.

The Villa was brought back to life in 2002 when the municipality bought it and used it as an exhibition space. Nowadays, events and exhibitions take place throughout the year, and a music festival is held at the back of the building in the summer.