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recommended itineraries

recommended itineraries

In addition to the beach, sun and sea there are many proposals for a special holiday in Forte dei Marmi. The surroundings of the city are full of charm and culture. In fact, a few kilometers to the south are the historic villages of Pietrasanta and Camaiore. These are two countries with a strong tourist vocation since, although located in the hinterland, they both have a direct outlet on the sea (Marina di Pietrasanta and Lido di Camaiore). The most interesting part, however, remains the historic center which welcomes tourists among ancient buildings, churches, craft shops and outdoor restaurants where you can taste traditional local dishes. In summer, the towns come alive with events, antique markets, parties and music. In the Apuan Alps, the town of Colonnata, surrounded by the marble quarries from which the sculptor Michelangelo used, was also worth a visit. This location is very famous in the area for the excellent quality of the local lard, a delicacy with a unique scent marinated and seasoned in marble cases. It is not necessary to move around a lot to visit some of the most beautiful cities of art in Tuscany: both Florence and Lucca and Pisa are easily reachable in a short time by car or train while Massa and Carrara are even closer. Each of these is ideal for a different day among monuments and works of art that are part of the history of Tuscany. In less than an hour by car or by leaving directly from the pier of Forte dei Marmi by ferry, you can reach the Cinque Terre. The site, a UNESCO heritage site, is made up of the five seaside villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and Monterosso nestled between sky and sea. Each characterized by its own personal charm that can be savored in the narrow and steep streets of the center and on the panoramic paths further upstream including the famous Via dell'Amore.

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